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Barbara’s Story

I don’t have a dramatic tale to tell, however, I know that drama is not necessary for me to praise the benefits of chiropractic.  I met Dr. Kris at the Women’s Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and discussed a shoulder injury I had and how I wanted to avoid surgery.  Dr. Kris let me know how chiropractic could help so I scheduled an appointment to get a full evaluation.

That was over 2 years ago!  My injury has healed itself due to Dr. Kris’ concern and adjustments and I have been coming in regularly ever since that time.  I believe that chiropractic keeps my energy level high and helps prevent sickness.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed learning various natural healing techniques.  Touch of Health Chiropractic is full of positive energy and healing – a wonderful place to be!

-Barbara Lebsock

Cheryl’s Story

When you have been suffering from something for over twenty years, it almost feels as if that thing is a part of who you are.  That is exactly what I thought about my migraines; I had been dealing with them for so long that I just accepted them as something that would always be a part of me.  I knew migraines were not normal but because they were so consistent in my life I figured that they must be “normal” for me.  Migraines affected my life in such a way that I was always making sure I had my migraine medication with me in case one started when I was out of the house, even though the medication would only give me occasional relief if taken on the onset of the headache.  When my migraines did occur, they would be so severe that I would often become physically ill.

I reached my lowest point with my migraines when they were occurring three to four times a week.  But when you reach your lowest all you can do is go up, and it was then that I met Dr. Kris.  He gave me information on how having your spine in correct alignment can, in turn, fix ailments without the use of medication, and this is what led to my decision to try Chiropractic.  That decision has been one of the best I have ever made because my life has completely changed for the better!  Thanks to Dr. Kris, I am almost completely headache free!  I have had to take only one pill for a migraine in the past six months.  I hardly ever get headaches but when I do I can get them to go away without taking medication – thank you Dr. Kris!

-Cheryl Jeter

Erin’s Story

When I decided to come in and see Dr. Melissa, I was fed-up with doctors that could only “help” me by prescribing pain medications.  I was even more tired of living my life doped up on these medications that never once helped me with my extreme hip and lower back pain, but just made me feel as if I were a zombie, going through the motions of life but never getting any enjoyment out of it.  I was having such a difficult time with everyday activities, including my job, because I could barely walk or put pressure on my right leg.  Standing was a struggle and so was sitting comfortably.  At night I had trouble sleeping because I could never find a position where I wasn’t experiencing some sort of pain.  All in all, I was living a life full of pain and saw no end in sight.  That is, until my mother, who is a patient of Dr. Kris’s, introduced me to him and Dr. Melissa.

I have been a patient of Dr. Melissa’s for a while now and her adjustments have changed my life!!  The pain is gone and I am happy to say that I am no longer taking any medications, not that they helped me in the first place!  I enjoy going on long walks whenever I can and I am now playing softball; after four years out of practice I am back in the game!  Finally, I can walk and sit without any pain and I sleep through the night with no discomfort.  Since coming in to see Dr. Melissa, I feel as though my life is mine again!  I have so much more energy and am such a happier person.  My attitude on health has changed because I no longer encourage the use of prescription drugs and I rely wholeheartedly on Dr. Melissa to give me guidance and direction on how to be the healthiest person I can be.  Thank you so much Dr. Melissa and Touch of Health Chiropractic for all that you have done for me!

-Erin Fisher

Todd’s Story

For over five years I had been suffering with lower back pain when I met the staff of Touch of Health Chiropractic at the Escondido Street Fair in May of 2006.  I had never been to a Chiropractor before but decided to take them up on their offer for a free exam.  And let me tell you, that free exam has been worth millions!

I make a living doing hard labor and most of my job consists of lifting heavy objects and digging.  There were days when my back pain was so severe that I would try not to lift or bend over for long periods of time, but most of the time it was unavoidable as they were my job duties.  To restrain myself from doing these things would heavily affect my job performance.

The pain was not only affecting my work, but also my personal life.  I love to be active, especially going surfing and wake boarding.  However, there would be periods of time where my back pain was so excruciating that I would have to refrain from doing these activities that I love.

With my back pain affecting such large parts of my life, I knew I had to do something about it.  After just a few adjustments with Dr. Melissa, I was already feeling better.  My whole attitude on health has changed because I have realized that the absence of pain does not mean everything is better and I can stop worrying about my health.  I know that if I do not take care of my body for the long haul that I won’t be around long enough to do all the things I want to do in my life.

-Todd Turner

Judy and Harvey’s Story

We are Judy and Harvey Foster, and we are very active seniors.  We became interested in Touch of Health Chiropractic when we met Dr. Kris and Dr. Melissa at Costco.  We were inclined to speak with them because pain was interfering with our abilities to maintain the level of activity in our lives that we both preferred.  I, Judy, had been suffering from chronic low back pain, hip problems, and fibromyalgia for approximately 25 years.  My husband, Harvey, had been suffering from asthma for over 30 years and arthritis for 15 years.  Physical therapy and medication had only a temporary relief and exercise helped us maintain a healthy lifestyle, yet did not take away our symptoms.  We had both tried Chiropractic in the past, however, the adjustments became too expensive to maintain without insurance coverage.

Touch of Health has helped us in so many ways.  They made Chiropractic affordable for us and since being adjusted by Dr. Kris, my husband and I have been able to fully participate in the kind of active lifestyle that we both enjoy, which in turn keeps us feeling youthful and more involved in life.  Our attitudes on health have changed because we both feel so much younger!  Traditional medicine has been less effective in helping us feel healthy and strong because it made us feel more as if we were aging before our time.  The holistic approach has benefited us much more due to the fact that it keeps us well and full of life, which in turn perpetuates better health.

-Judy and Harvey Foster

Sally’s Story

I met Dr. Kris at a Health Fair the County of San Diego held in March 2005.  I stopped by because I had been suffering from shoulder & neck pain from years of cradling the phone between my chin and shoulder; combined with hunching over mounds of paperwork and the computer keyboard.  He put the scanner on me & certain spots lit up.  We made a future appointment for an assessment because I though “Why not…it’s only $20 and I want to get to the bottom of this pain I’d had for years”. I had been to physical therapy, acupuncture, & pain pills, including steroids off and on.

I was skeptical at first, but then everything he said and what I read made perfect sense.  Your body can heal itself with the help of Chiropractic getting your spinal column into alignment.

Within a few short weeks I was feeling wonderful.  I was able to do things once again that I hadn’t been able to do for years.  Not only did Dr. Kris help my shoulders and neck, but he helped a sciatic nerve pain I had for a year to disappear.  Also, I had been suffering for years after an attack of shingles.  I had been on thyroid medication for 20 years.  A t my last physical appointment my doctor told me my medication dosage needed to be reduced.  I stopped taking it and never noticed any difference in my energy level or emotional well-being.  My last doctor’s appointment showed all my blood work was normal.

I am so thankful for Touch of Health and Dr. Kris.  I would recommend them to all.

-Sally McDaniel

Shaunmarie’s Story

I was shopping at Costco in 2005 when I met Dr. Kris.  I had been experiencing a frozen shoulder and stiffness on the right side of my body from a boat accident I had years prior.  Despite having surgery and trying to incorporate exercises in my daily routine to treat my condition, the pain and stiffness continued to slow me down in life.  When Dr. Kris offered me a Chiropractic consultation and exam in his office, I decided to take him up on his offer; I had hoped that maybe I’d find a solution to my problem.  That was over two years ago and I have been a patient of his ever since!  The results from my adjustments have been excellent and I no longer feel that my life is slowed down or ruled by my pain and injury.  Chiropractic has changed my life for the better because I am a much healthier person and will continue to become even healthier!  Dr. Kris has definitely been the solution to my problem!  Thank you Dr. Kris and Touch of Health Chiropractic for making me pain-free and giving me such a healthy outlook on life.

-Shaunmarie Daly

Ronald’s Story

My diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is what initially brought me to Touch of Health Chiropractic.  I was concerned because a lot of different doctors were giving me a variety of opinions on my state of health, all contradicting each other.  Along with these varying opinions came an assortment of medications, which made me very apprehensive and overwhelmed.  I know it is easy for many senior citizens to fall into the trap of thinking their medical doctors always know best and that any medication they prescribe will make everything better, but that wasn’t the case for me.  I wanted a second opinion, specifically of a more holistic nature.

I have been seeing Dr. Kris twice a week for over a year now.  His adjustments and exercises have helped considerably with my mobility, strength, and overall wellbeing.  The number of medications I was taking before have basically been reduced in half and I have so many more good days now.  Having seen other Chiropractors in the past, I think that this office is far superior and I would recommend Dr. Kris or Dr. Melissa to anyone who is concerned with their health and wants to find out more about their bodies.

-Ronald Grover

Mary Ellen’s Story

I first met Dr. Melissa after participating in a health expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  At that time, I had been experiencing chronic sciatica for over 3 years.  A nerve scan was conducted at the expo and it showed interference, and it was this technology, which eliminated guesswork in regards to conditions not visible to the naked eye, which led to my decision to try chiropractic.  I immediately scheduled an appointment and came in for a more thorough evaluation and x-rays.

I explained to Dr. Melissa on my first visit that my sciatica effected my life in such a way that I couldn’t stand, sit, or lay down without excruciating pain; I had to give up my favorite exercise of bicycling and gardening; and had also gained weight.  She then explained to me what a subluxation was and that it was putting pressure on my nerves, therefore affecting their function and communication to different parts of my body.  I realized at that moment my wellbeing was more important than anything, and have now been under chiropractic care for about a year.  Dr. Melissa’s adjustments, along with suggested exercises and diet and supplement recommendations have all helped tremendously.  My attitude on health has changed because I am so much more aware of what goes on within my own body, and I have Dr. Melissa and Touch of Health Chiropractic to thank for that!

-Mary Ellen Harrington

Joe’s Story

I was exercising at Bally Total Fitness when I met Dr. Kris.  I had been experiencing chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back pain for quite a while when I decided to stop and ask him a few questions.  My problem was that my lower back pain was getting worse everyday, especially on the days that I golfed.  I firmly believed that I would have to give up playing my favorite sport (golf!) if I couldn’t get the problem taken care of.  Also, my neck and shoulder pain was getting so bad that I had to purposely skip certain exercises at the gym to avoid further complications.  In the past I tried stretching exercises, supplements, rest, and ice in an attempt to help my condition.  I was also involved in physical therapy, where they tried various exercises, heat, ice, and electrical stimulation for my neck and shoulder.  The stretching exercises did help with my lower back pain but never really took the pain away or solved the problem of why I was getting the pain in the first place.  And unfortunately, nothing alleviated the neck and shoulder discomfort.

However, after talking to Dr. Kris and getting a preliminary scan done at Ballys, I felt reassured that he could really help me.  I decided to try Chiropractic for three reasons.  The first being that I had been to a Chiropractor in the past and the experience was very positive.  The second reason was the objectivity of the computerized nerve scans and printouts could not be denied.  And lastly, Dr. Kris emphasized total wellness and prevention, which was directly in line with my mindset.

It’s been over a year since I have been a patient of Dr. Kris’s.  I have no physical limitations and no longer have to worry about giving up my favorite sport.  In fact, I play it fairly frequently – pain free!  Thank you so much Dr. Kris!  My attitude on health has changed because I realize that there are natural remedies for many chronic physical problems.  Traditional medicine usually deals with chronic pain by treating the symptoms, but I would rather deal with the source of the problem and correct that.  And that is exactly what Chiropractic has helped me to do!

-Joe Getsie

Margaret’s Story

I initially found Touch of Health Chiropractic at the Del Mar County Fair.  At the time, I was having problems with neck, shoulder, and back pain.  I was also suffering from fatigue, depression, and dehydration, along with stomach problems.  I was taking at least 800mg of Tylenol and/or Ibuprophen a day and had also tried antidepressants, but some of these conditions had persisted for 15 to 20 years, and I was getting very little relief.
I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I decided it was time to try it out.  I wanted to be able to live life free of pain.

Since getting adjusted regularly, I have noticed all kinds of changes.  I have more energy and no pain in my neck anymore.  If I have a little pain, I get adjusted and it corrects it.  Because I feel so much better, I am able to get so much more accomplished than I used to. That in turn has helped increase my self esteem. I am also learning to eat better and I am working toward an increasingly healthier lifestyle.  People notice that I look healthier and definitely feel better. Chiropractic has definitely changed my life!

-Margaret Banas

The Morales’ Story

I started coming to Touch of Health after my husband told me about the amazing results he was achieving with Chiropractic.  Within just a few adjustments from Dr. Kris, his lower back pain was fading.  When I started seeing Dr. Kris, I was stressed out with everything from kids to work.  I had headaches, constant back pain, and a loss of concentration.  I had been living with these problems for years and just thought they were normal parts of my stressful life.  However, after my first adjustment, I felt great and noticed changes immediately.  That’s when I knew I had to bring in the rest of my family!

My youngest son is 8 years old and despite exhausting all efforts, he could not stop wetting his bed, which would occur about two to three times a week.  After his first adjustment, he went a whole week with no accidents!  And over the next few months the bedwetting became less and less frequent and now it is nothing but a distant memory.
My other two sons were struggling in school due to a lack of focus and concentration.  Their grades were always Ds and Fs, and they could never focus long enough to study.  Sine they have undergone Chiropractic care, their concentration and focus have both improved and we are proud to say that their report cards now shine with As and Bs!!

As for me, I no longer have any headaches or daily pain.  I can also deal with stress much better and have learned that it is not just a “normal” part of life.  Thank you so much to Dr. Kris and Touch of Health Chiropractic for helping our family in all areas of our lives!!

-Hector, Monica, Hector Jr, Uriel, & Gilbert Morales

Polly’s Story

Two years ago I pulled a muscle in my lower back, which caused me to miss days of work.  I could not stand up very long without a lot of pain and tightness, and the medications I was prescribed were of no help.  I had a bad experience with Chiropractic in the past, but because I believed in the fundamentals of it, I decided to give it a second chance when I met the staff of Touch of Health Chiropractic at the Carlsbad Mall.

Since I have been a patient of Dr. Melissa’s, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better.  First of all, my back pain has totally disappeared!  And because Dr. Melissa has taught me a lot of creative ways to keep myself healthy, I have lost ten pounds!   I eat healthier and my sweet cravings are gone.  I really owe Touch of Health Chiropractic for erasing my lower back pain and leading me in the direction of an enhanced lifestyle that I never knew was possible.

-Polly MacAlpin

Naomi’s Story

I came to see Dr. Kris because I suffered from pain in my right hip caused by a fall.  I had gone to my medical doctor who prescribed pain pills, but I chose not to live on pain medication for the rest of my life.  I had to take control of my body and take action.  Years ago, I had been treated successfully for sciatica and knew that chiropractic was the answer to my pain.  One day, my husband gave me a card for Dr. Kris’ office and I called to make an appointment.  It is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Working with Dr. Kris has allowed me to do things I had forgotten I could do.  I notice that I am taking better care of myself, eating healthier, walking more often, taking my vitamins, and drinking more water.  And yes, I am no longer in constant pain.  I know that Chiropractic care is important to my overall health.  Thank you Dr. Kris for your kind and caring touch – you love what you do and it shows!  Also, thank you for your staff that is always cheerful and friendly.

-Naomi Ortega

Myra’s Story

For the better half of 10 years, I had been dealing with my lower back pain by means of over-the-counter pain relievers and very little Chiropractic help.  The over-the-counter medications were only a temporary relief for me so I basically accepted my aches and pains as a normal side effect of my long commute and desk job.  Come on, we all know San Diego traffic!  Sitting in that for two hours a day then sitting behind a desk for another eight hours really took a toll on my body by the end of each work week.

I heard about Touch of Health Chiropractic through my husband, who had been evaluated at the Del Mar Fair.  I had been to several Chiropractors in the past, but when my husband described the Creating Wellness program that Touch of Health offered in addition to Chiropractic, I knew I had to see what it was all about.  Once I completed my Chiropractic and Creating Wellness evaluations and was given my report of findings, I knew that this office had a lot to offer me and was definitely a place I wanted to be a part of.

Dr. Kris has completely removed back pain from my life, and I was given the best bill of health I have ever received from my doctor at my last routine physical.  In October 2006, I completed my Creating Wellness program.  Creating Wellness played such an important role in changing my lifestyle.  I re-evaluated my exercise routines and decided that I was being too harsh on my body and probably adding to my back pain.  So, I quit martial arts and exchanged it for yoga, my individualized Creating Wellness strength and cardio videotapes, bike riding, and some occasional running.  I eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise, get adjusted regularly, and allow my body to get plenty of rest.

Since the Creating Wellness program not only taught me to be healthy physically, but also mentally and emotionally, it gave me the push I needed to follow my dreams.  I quit my career of the past 11 years in order to pursue my longtime dream of being a Massage Therapist.  I have learned many ways of living at my highest potential and I have Touch of Health Chiropractic, Dr. Kris, and the Creating Wellness program to thank for that!

-Myra Nielsen

Kristen’s Story

When a friend referred me to Touch of Health Chiropractic, I had been suffering with very bad neck and back pain for almost five years.  I felt like I had attempted everything, including physical therapy, exercise, medication, and another Chiropractic office, to get rid of the pain a car accident left me with.  Physical therapy was wonderful, but my insurance determined that I only had limited visits.  Exercising helped some but without proper stretching, my neck often felt worse.  The medications I depended on were only a temporary relief and I knew that in the long run, they were solving nothing.  And the Chiropractic office I was a patient at was run too poorly and inefficiently for my taste.  I was tired of feeling bad all the time and was ready for there to be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, so I decided to take my friend’s advice and try Touch of Health Chiropractic.

I have been a patient of Dr. Melissa’s for over a year now and continue to get adjusted twice a week.  She has helped my condition immensely and my pain has virtually disappeared!  Dr. Melissa has given me a wonderful understanding of the body and how it works, along with the knowledge of different types of stretches and lifestyle alterations that have definitely changed my life for the better.  My attitude on health has changed because I now better understand my body and how it functions.  I thought I was healthy before, but now I am even more so because I have been taught what being healthy really means.

-Kristen Newcomer

Jessica’s Story

Before my visits with Dr. Kris I suffered from recurrent episodes of sleep paralysis and severe headaches/migraines.  Almost every night I would have sleep paralysis and often multiple episodes in one night.  Sleep paralysis would cause me to wake up repeatedly throughout the night.  I would not receive the full amount of sleep I needed each night, which I believe was the cause of my headaches and migraines.

After a few short visits and adjustments with Dr. Kris I was already feeling better and sleeping better.  Instead of having sleep paralysis every night, I was only enduring it maybe once a week or when I was really tired.  The constant headaches also faded and I am now able to get my life back to normal.

-Jessica Essley

Chris’ Story

As a personal trainer, triathlete, and avid bicyclist my body is always at work and pushed to its limits.  I had my first adjustment from Dr. Kris Tosczak in November 2006 and it was fantastic!  My body felt fantastic immediately and while driving home my body had a funny neurological response to my adjustment – I could not stop laughing!!

In August of 2007, my right upper back was in severe pain and it was hard for me to breathe.  I was very close to being forced to take two days off work as a personal trainer, which is very difficult with clients depending on me to help them reach their health goals.  I got adjusted but did not feel any change immediately.  However, by the next day, my right upper back pain was completely gone!  I was ecstatic!!  Not only did Dr. Kris save me from having to take off work, but he also helped get my spine back in alignment by removing my subluxations.

Unfortunately, just a week later, my lower back went out due to some polymetric exercises.  Knowing just who to call upon, I scheduled a visit with Dr. Kris.  Again, I did not experience immediate relief, but by the next day the pain had dramatically decreased and my range of motion was 100%.

Dr. Kris and Dr. Melissa Tosczak are great Chiropractors.  They are constantly educating themselves and staying ahead of the wellness industry.  Results speak for themselves and they are very compassionate, going above and beyond for their patients to ensure each individual gets the best in wellness care.

-Chris Capistran
Fitness Professional