We proudly offer a variety of high quality, organic supplements and products.  We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee on all of our supplements, and have samples available as well!  We would be happy to assist you with your supplement and nutritional needs.

Omega 3 EFAs play a role in virtually every human function including growth and development, digestion, brain and nerve function, immune function, hormone production and regulation, maintenance of skin and bones, regulation of healing and  inflammation, heart function, vision, cholesterol levels, and even emotions and behavior.

This is why supplementing with Omega 3 EFAs has been shown to help people with so many different illnesses.  In reality supplementing with Omega 3 EFAs will help anyone that is deficient in Omega 3 EFAs whether they have a diagnosed illness or not.  The fact of the matter is that everyone needs Omega 3 EFAs and due to dietary practices virtually everyone in Western society is deficient.

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Having the proper probiotic bacteria in your digestive system is essential for your health and wellbeing and being deficient can lead to severe health problems. Probiotics promote balanced gastrointestinal function and are essential for many metabolic requirements such as synthesizing vitamins and short chain fatty acids, digesting proteins and breaking down fiber. Probiotic bacteria are also important for immune function. They directly protect from infection by competing with the unhealthy bacteria, viruses and fungi we are exposed to each day.

Due to deficient consumption of probiotic bacteria in our diets, deficient fiber intake to feed our probiotics, consumption of grains and sugar, reduced or absent breast feeding as infants, infant formulas, antibiotic and other prescription drug use, and increased overall stress it is now virtually impossible to have sufficient healthy bacteria without supplementation.

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Our most popular of the Nano Products are the Nano Greens, a super greens food that supplements your diet with up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables and tastes good too!

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Purpose Nutrition supplements take an integrated approach targeting better health for the whole person through their whole food fully integrated supplement line.

This brand of products, in just their first year on the market, have astounded the nutritional industry by achieving the highest rating available-the Five Star, Gold Medal rating-in the 4th Edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Products.

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Experience the effectiveness and value of the only triple GMP-certified professional line of research-based medical foods and nutraceuticals

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Standard Process supplements are whole food supplements made from concentrating foods. When processed correctly, they supply a multitude of the plant’s components. Foods provide nutrients that work synergistically. They work together to provide you with optimal nutrition for good health.

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Nothing can be more important to a child’s success than a healthy mind and body. Springboard Supplements for Growing Bodies are an important part of the growing years. Formulated with the best science and utilizing the finest raw materials, Springboard Supplements help keep your youngsters vibrant and strong.

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This very unique and original Hungarian apparatus was invented and is specially designed to remove the nasal secretions of babies and infants at home. This is the first and best device to allow mothers to perform nasal suction/aspiration at home.

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Colic-Ease Gripe Water helps ease the discomfort that may be associated with colic, gas, reflux and hiccups. It is also beneficial when introducing new foods into baby’s diet. Colic-Ease contains no alcohol, no sodium bicarbonate, no charcoal, no parabens, no sucrose or sorbitol, no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

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Relax Right Pillows come in 3 different sizes:

Toddler: Ages 2-5

Big Kid: Ages 5+


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Life Ionizers is the industry leader in Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology.  Come by and try a taste of some alkaline water or buy some to take home with you.

Some of the health benefits of drinking alkaline water include:

Restores the pH balance in the body.

  • Alkaline water (also referred to as ionized water) can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and many bottled waters.
  • A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids.
  • Negatively charged hydroxyl ions, (OH -) found in abundance in alkaline water, act as natural antioxidants and donate electrons, neutralizing harmful free radicals.
  • Alkaline water tastes lighter with a pleasantly sweet flavor.
  • Improves the body’s absorption of essential nutrients
  • Improves body function by cleaning your cells from the inside out.
  • Using water with a higher pH level improves the taste of beverages and food.
  • Cooking with alkaline water improves the taste and quality of foods and using acidic water when boiling eggs improves their quality.

Provides superior hydration and nutrition at the cellular level.

  • Ionization breaks clusters of water molecules into smaller micro-clusters, reducing the size of the clusters from the 11-16 molecules in standard water to just 5-6 molecules in ionized water. Smaller clusters pass through cell walls more easily and hydrate the cells more quickly.
  • Faster hydration allows the body to regulate its temperature more efficiently.
  • Micro-clusters of mineral-bearing ionized water also deliver nutrients more efficiently to the cells

Detoxifies cells more efficiently than standard drinking water.

  • Due to their smaller size, micro-clusters of ionized water molecules are expelled from the cells more efficiently, carrying damaging toxins out of the cells and flushing them out of the system.
  • The negative charge of ionized alkaline water will attract the positive ions of acids and neutralize them within the body.

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