Top 10 Tips for Caring for Your Young Athlete

Between summer and day camps, family vacations, and team sports, kids are more active than ever during the summer. Staying active is great, but like we pointed out in our last post, preventing sports injuries is also an important part of keeping kids in shape. Here are our top 10 tips for caring for the little athletes in your family!

1. Always warm up! Increasing the blood flow to the joints, muscles and ligaments helps to avoid muscle injury.

2. Young soccer players should avoid “heading the ball”, as this causes undue strain on the neck and shoulder muscles while increasing the risk of brain injury.

3. Land on bent knees when jumping. Straight legs increase the risk for tearing the ligament that joins the thighbone to the shinbone.

4. When playing baseball or softball, use non-stationary bases so that children sliding feet- or face-first into the bases will avoid serious injury.

5. Be sure to give your children a healthy meal prior to exertion.

6. Teach your children to listen to their body’s warning signals and never play through the pain.

7. Even when it’s hot, always wear proper gear from helmets to cleats and everything in between!

8. Make sure that practice time is reasonable. Avoid practicing or playing to excess — the body is meant to work for a certain span of time, and then rest for an equal span of time.

9. While wearing the right thing is important, not wearing the wrong thing is equally important –  for example, jewelry can get snagged on other players or their clothing, causing painful injury.

10. Don’t forget about us! Family wellness chiropractors play an important role in helping athletes of all ages operate at optimum efficiency and play their best.

Want to learn more about keeping your young athlete in top shape? Call Touch of Health Chiropractic today at 760-456-9280!

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